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Cookie Policy

Your effective use of this web site depends on the use of cookies. Cookies are small files sent to your browser by this website in order to provide the game service and keep you logged in. Your consent to set cookies is a requirement of access, registration and subscription renewal. A persistent cookie may be set in order to keep you logged in between sessions (you accept this by ticking a tickbox when you log in). The cookies set by this site are strictly necessary to run the game and are used exclusively for the purposes of managing the game.

This website does not use third party web metrics software to gather information about user browsing habits.

Use of this website

Your use of this web site and participation in this game is subject to the following terms and conditions.

  1. Images and rules
    Images developed for this site are not public domain. The game rules and mechanics are copyright.
  2. Your privacy
    We respect the privacy of personal data submitted by you to this web site. Your name and e-mail address will be shared with other players, but we will not send your data to anyone else. We use Cookies, but only where strictly necessary to manage the game service. We do not use third party web metrics software to track your browsing on this website.
  3. Data Protection Act (UK)
    Your participation in the game assumes that you accept that information about you will be stored in a database in accordance with the terms of Data Protection Act 1998 (UK). The game relies on significant use of data stored in databases. The information we link to your account consists of:
    • The name you register
    • The email address you register
    • Data required to manage your use of this site, including the password you create (see also Cookies, above)
    • Any game statistics or game records you generate while playing the game
    • Any comments, images or other content you submit to this website
    If you cannot accept this condition you must not register to play in the game.
  4. User Accounts
    If you register and create an account for this game, you will be asked to create a password. Your access to your user account is protected by that password. By entering your password to access the site, you identify yourself to the game systems. Do not share your password with anyone else.
  5. Security
    You will not knowingly attempt to access any area of this web site with a password other than your own. You will not attempt to acquire the password of another game participant. You will not attempt to circumvent or compromise the security features of the web site and game systems. You will not attempt to gain access to areas of the website, its resources or its data except with the express permission of the publishers. Links offered to you on the website represent the most common form of such express permission.
  6. E-mail
    Use of e-mail is required to play this game. It is a condition of playing the game that you are able to receive e-mails in standard formats, and that your spam filters are configured to accept our emails. We do not complete challenge/response filter verification. Each player is associated with a specific email address. We do not support multiple e-mail addresses for one player. You must provide and maintain a single e-mail address by which you may be contacted by the publishers of the game and its participants (including other players). You are responsible for ensuring this e-mail address is current and accepts e-mails from us. A facility is provided on the web site for you to change our records of your e-mail address. Should we need to contact you to advise of important changes (e.g. changes to user account details, password reminders, access procedures, deadline changes) we will use the e-mail address you provide to do so. We will endeavour to protect the email address you provide from access by people other than the publishers of the game and its participants. You are strongly advised not to include your e-mail address in anything you publish through this website.
  7. Date and Time
    All dates and times published assume current British time. Date formatting will generally follow British format (day date, month, year). This page was served at 21-03-2018 20:03:03)
  8. Deadlines
    We will publish deadlines, which are dates on or after which the turn will finish and adjudications be run. We offer no guarantees on the precise time results will be published on or after that date. If a deadline time is published, you should not expect to be able to submit game orders from that time. If a deadline date is given but no deadline time, you should assume one second after midnight on the deadline day as the last time by which orders can reliably be submitted. Later orders may or may not be accepted at our discretion.
  9. Log out and time outs
    You should use the "log out" facility to disconnect from the game system when you have finished a session. However, as a security feature, any user who has taken no action for an extended period will automatically be logged out. This is called a "time out". You must log on again to access the system after such a time out.
  10. Game rules
    Every effort will be taken to advise of changes to game rules in advance, but we reserve the right to change game rules without notice. The game rules and terms and conditions in force at any time are those to be found on the web site, and the publishers of this web site do not guarantee the ongoing validity of any you print or save for reference.
  11. Copyright & intellectual property
    All material created by the publishers for this site (including data and game rules) are copyright. You may not distribute them to other parties, or download them except for the purposes of playing the games.
    It is assumed you own the copyright of any material you submit to this website. You must not upload images or other content to this website unless you own the rights to that content.
  12. Acceptable use
    You are expected to conduct yourself in a manner appropriate to games of this nature. Offensive, hectoring, threatening, rude or otherwise inappropriate conduct will be considered adequate reason for the withdrawal of access, without notice or compensation, at the discretion of the publishers. It is a condition of participation in this game that you accept the judgement of the publishers as final and binding in this respect.
    All material submitted to this website by you for display on a discussion forum, bulletin board, chat room or similar must be legal. If you post a message, comment or question it must not be defamatory or contain material which might infringe the rights of third parties. By submitting material to this website you agree to indemnify the publishers of this website from and against all claims, costs, and expenses arising out of any breach of the site's terms and conditions.

    • Anonymous participation is not acceptable
    • You must use your real name and not a pseudonym
    • You must not use different identities to control more than one account
    • You will actively participate in the game

    Where we believe someone playing the game has acted contrary to these declared principles, especially where their actions compromise the integrity of the game and/or result in an unfair advantage for someone, we will impose penalties which we consider proportionate to the breach of this terms and conditions. This may include expulsion from the game. Where we consider an an unfair advantage has been gained by someone playing the game from the actions of another person, such penalties may at our discretion be applied to either or both parties.
    Where inactivity on the part of someone playing the game compromises the running or integrity of the game and we have received no communication from them or on behalf of them to account for the inactivity we reserve the right to impose penalties including but not limited to immediate expulsion from the game. Note that any failure to submit valid orders by published deadlines compromises the running of the game. Some deadlines have particular sensitivity and those playing the game are responsibile for identifying them through our published communications.

  13. Disclaimer
    The publishers of this web site take no responsibility for the accuracy of any data supplied via this web site. The publishers make no guarantees as to the availability of the game service. Whilst reasonable precautions are taken to ensure the integrity of the game system, we do not accept any responsibility for computer failures experienced while using this web site. Your use of this web site and game systems is at your own risk.
  14. External web sites
    The publishers of this web site accept no responsibility for the content of web sites linked from this web site.
  15. Minimum requirements
    If you wish to play the game, you must be able to meet its minimum technical requirements (see below).
  16. The Final Word
    The publishers reserve the right to terminate or modify without notice in whole or part the access of any individual to this web site, parts of this web site, and/or the address, delivery systems or functionality of the services upon which this web site and its games depend.

Minimum technical requirements

  • Web access
  • A current and regularly monitored email address is required
  • A modern web browser is required. We generally target the range of browsers listed below, but all modern web browsers should give a similar experience to the following:
    • Windows : Chrome and Edge (latest versions)
    • Mac OS : Chrome and Safari (latest versions)
    • iOS : Safari (latest version)
    • Android: Chrome (latest version)
    • In addition, for significant interface developments we commonly test Firefox and Opera (latest versions, developer editions where available).
  • Javascript must be enabled
  • Cookies must be accepted from this website

Some game features such as complex data tables require a wide screen to view, but we endeavour to make the website as widely accessible as practical within the limits of a game of this nature.

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