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Arena : Gladiatoria
Arena : Gladiatoria is a game of gladiators, cunning and guile set in the great imperial cities of the Roman Empire. It's a sports management sim which emphasises historical accuracy. It is an online game, played through a web browser. No special software is required, no software is installed.
Arena : Civis
Arena : Civis is a game of social climbing in ancient Rome. It's a lot simpler than the gladiatorial game and uses a card-based mechanism with an emphasis on fun. No special software is required, no software is installed.
King vs Parthio
Secutor vs Hoplomachus
This is what a fight looks like in Arena : Gladiatoria. Combat happens in rounds. Each round is shown as a series of stop-motion images. Fights run on Saturday morning at 10:30. Fight time. Players own gladiators and build up their barracks to be the best.
  • Ancient Rome
    • Create your character
    • Join one or both games
  • Join Gladiatoria
    • Buy and sell gladiators
    • Hire trainers
    • Add buildings
    • Develop your gladiators
    • Choose a fighting style
    • Select fight tactics
    • Fight other houses
    • Win palms and laurels
    • Become Champion of your town
  • Join Civis
    • Social climbing game
    • Dine and orgy your way to the top
    • Dispense charity
    • Cultivate patrons
    • Spread gossip
    • Fund merchants
  • Play Politics
    • Choose a faction
    • Elect an Aedile
    • Win favour
    • Become an Aedile
  • Create New History
    • Track your gladiators year by year
    • Set records
    • Download game data

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